Best DJI Pocket 2 and Osmo Pocket Case

Osmo Pocket

Osmo Pocket features a remarkably small and stabilized camera allowing you to take super smooth videos. But if you want to get the most of your gear, you’ll need to pick up a lot of accessories like the wireless module, control wheel, charging case, extension stick, and so on. To make carrying out and storing easier, a good Osmo Pocket case becomes a necessity. It’s a great way to keep all your accessories from piling up so you can find them easily whenever you need them.

In this article, we will go through the top Osmo Pocket cases including carrying cases and portable cases so that you can choose according to your preference.

Why You Need an Osmo Pocket Case?

As mentioned above, you need a lot of accessories to get the most of your Osmo Pocket, but DJI doesn’t offer a solution for Osmo Pocket and its accessories. Having a case will allows you to access your accessories easily whenever you need them, especially the small ones like smartphone adapters and sd cards. It’s also a great way to protect your Osmo Pocket, other delicate accessories like ND filters.

Besides, an Osmo Pocket carrying case also makes it more convenient for you to take your Osmo Pocket and accessories for travel and outdoor activities.


Top DJI Pocket 2 / Osmo Pocket Cases Review

PGYTECH Camera Carrying Case

The PGYTECH Camera Carrying Case is a water-resistant case for Osmo Pocket. action cameras and so on. It allows you to customize the space according to your specific needs.

Users liked this case very much, saying that it’s the case for all your Osmo Pocket carry needs. It’s sturdy and has enough room for all your accessories. One of the Osmo Pocket users uses it to keep his Osmo Pocket, mini tripod, rechargeable case, a few cables, and several mounting accessories.

Someone even had this case in the rain and dropped a few times, but it has no sign of moisture and damage to the Osmo Pocket and accessories.

Another thing people liked is the ability to rearrange according to what you want to carry, very flexible.

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Smatree Hard Carrying Case

The Smartree Hard Carrying Case can hold your Osmo Pocket, Osmo Pocket Charging Case, Osmo Pocket Extension Rod, Original DJI OSMO Pocket Waterproof Case, Wireless Module, Controller Wheel, Accessory Mount, Audio Adapter, 2 Smartphone Adapters, 2 SD Cards, and 4 ND Filters. There is also a pocket for your cables.

Users said that it’s a solid and sturdy case, the zippers are strong. The secure handle makes it easier to carry the case.

People do have some complaints about the inside foam interior, saying that it’s a little bit flimsy.

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SUREWO Surface-Waterproof Carrying Case

This carrying case is made from high-quality PU material, not only water-resistant but also dampproof. It is pretty much the same as the Smartree hard case when it comes to capacity. It’s a compact case that can hold an extension rod, one charing roller, one Osmo pocket, one set of wireless accessories., and four lens four sd cards, and so on.

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TinyRigs Osmo pocket Pocketable Compact Case

The TinyRigs Osmo Pocket Case is my favorite. It’s not a carrying case but just a bigger cover that can hold your wireless module and controller wheel. I do like the cover that comes with the package, Osmo Pocket fits perfectly, so I can put it in my pocket or backpack without worrying about scratch or damage. But if you are using the control wheel and the wireless module, you may be frustrated because you have to install or remove the wireless module and controller wheel every time you want to use or put it away.

It’s a high-quality small case that can hold your Osmo Pocket, wireless module, controller wheel, 4 ND filters, 1 smartphone adapter, and one MicroSD card.

Note: This one is for Osmo Pocket ONLY

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If you are looking for an all-inclusive case, then the PGYTECH camera carrying case is the best case for your DJI Pocket 2 or Osmo Pocket. It offers you the flexibility to customize the inner space to fit all your accessories. If you are using the old Osmo Pocket like me, you will like the Tiny Rigs Compact Case the best because it would save you so much trouble. You don’t have to install or remove the controller wheel and the wireless module.


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